Fair Hill International 2017

So…. FHI this year was not a great one in terms of me being able to take photos. Between working on the November Equiery, attending MHIB meetings, teaching pony club and helping to host an epic tailgate… there was very very limited photo taking. Here are a few highlights from the week.

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Fond farewell Anne

Anne MoeThis morning the Maryland equestrian community lost an important family member in the death of Anne Moe; foxhunter, breeder of Connemara ponies, show judge… the list goes on (not to mention fabulous knitter!).

I was first introduced to Ann via email when she joined The Equiery as our copy editor. She quickly became more of a mentor to me than simply a copy editor. Each article she proofed was not only sent back with corrections as needed but with comments on what she thought of the subject matter, if she felt the article was compelling enough, grabbed the readers’ attention… And when it seemed like months went by with me still mixing up when to use and when not to use a period at the end of O&A captions, she never got harsh. She taught with words of encouragement. Taught. Not just corrected. So when finally, it seemed that I had caught on, her praise was genuine in every way.

When I met Anne in person, on our way to the first Lady Legends Black Eyed Susan Day, I’m not sure I expected someone so full of positive energy to come in such a petite package! And man the stories she shared! Anne LIVED. To the fullest of the word. Through good days and not so great days, she shared them all. Certainly a Lady Legend herself, though much to humble to every admit it.

I am sure there are others out there that will flood the web with their own stories and memories and there are so many of my own that I simply can not share at this time. But in the end, if Anne was sitting at her computer proofing this post, she’d send me a note saying, “quit all the fussing and kick on!” … along with a few corrections on miss placed punctuation and run on sentences.

Cheers Anne. You will be missed.

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Preakness week and bassets

Yeah. I’m a bit behind in posting these. Here are links to Preakness week photos and the foot hound ring of the Maryland Puppy Show.

Sunrise Tours


Black-eyed Susan

MD Puppy Show

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Horse showing dos and don’ts

Although this article is geared towards Western shows, its message is universal.


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Well then…

I actually spent about 20 min this evening writing an update on all the horses and riders in training with me but just deleted it as I realized, every day in this sport there are ups and downs. Ups that make us happy, proud, excited about the future. Downs that make us doubt ourselves, doubt our horses, cry a little, or even a lot, and question why we do this sport in the first place.

Why? Because even when it seems as the downs outweigh the ups, the ups are often so high, it makes all the sweat, hard work, bruises and tears worth it. I hope all those reading this remember that on those down days. Hang in there. There will be an up day soon.

And in the meantime, choose to learn from the down days and hold onto the feeling of the up days. Positive thinking really does go a long way.

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Green Spring Races 2017

Well it was a cold and windy day for the Green Spring Valley Point-to-Point on Saturday, but at least it wasn’t snowing! Here are a few highlights with the rest of the photos posted here: https://korizzophotography.shutterfly.com/pictures/2440

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Photography catch up

Spring is here!!!! Ok some days it is still rainy and cold and other days we are near 80! Here is a quick photo catch up from a few places I have been over the last month. More photos posted at: https://korizzophotography.shutterfly.com/

I’ll need to do a catch up post on horses, students and Beckham soon.

Sporting Days HTs – Aiken, SC

Goshen Hunt Closing Meet – Damascus, MD

Piedmont Point to Point – Upperville, VA

Loch Moy Starter #1 – Adamstown, MD

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