Well then…

I actually spent about 20 min this evening writing an update on all the horses and riders in training with me but just deleted it as I realized, every day in this sport there are ups and downs. Ups that make us happy, proud, excited about the future. Downs that make us doubt ourselves, doubt our horses, cry a little, or even a lot, and question why we do this sport in the first place.

Why? Because even when it seems as the downs outweigh the ups, the ups are often so high, it makes all the sweat, hard work, bruises and tears worth it. I hope all those reading this remember that on those down days. Hang in there. There will be an up day soon.

And in the meantime, choose to learn from the down days and hold onto the feeling of the up days. Positive thinking really does go a long way.

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Green Spring Races 2017

Well it was a cold and windy day for the Green Spring Valley Point-to-Point on Saturday, but at least it wasn’t snowing! Here are a few highlights with the rest of the photos posted here: https://korizzophotography.shutterfly.com/pictures/2440

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Photography catch up

Spring is here!!!! Ok some days it is still rainy and cold and other days we are near 80! Here is a quick photo catch up from a few places I have been over the last month. More photos posted at: https://korizzophotography.shutterfly.com/

I’ll need to do a catch up post on horses, students and Beckham soon.

Sporting Days HTs – Aiken, SC

Goshen Hunt Closing Meet – Damascus, MD

Piedmont Point to Point – Upperville, VA

Loch Moy Starter #1 – Adamstown, MD

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Pheasant season comes to a close

Well as sad as it is to say… that’s a wrap folks! This past weekend, on a very unusually warm February day, we had the last driven shoot at the Mt. Airy location for the season. It was super sunny but as long as I stood in the right spot, the sun helped make the colors pop. So here you go, just a few shots from Saturday. #nofilter #bestwaytospendaweekendisoutdoors

Once again, thank you everyone at Royal United for letting me hang out with you, take photos and learn more about the sport.

The rest of the photos from the day are posted here: https://korizzophotography.shutterfly.com/pictures/2241

img_4908 img_4930 img_4943 img_4976 img_5045 img_5057 img_5076 img_5102-copy img_5114 img_5129 img_5171 img_5179 img_5190 img_5236

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A foggy morning

I know I’ve said this before but fog is nature’s filter. Seriously. When I got up to feed the horses this past Saturday before heading to one of Rich’s driven shoots (Royal United), the fog was thick and I smiled knowing that once it lifted a little, the color quality for outdoor photography would be spectacular. I was a little worried about how well the birds would fly or the guns would be able to see the birds, but that ended up not being a problem at all. This group that comes out to Mt Airy each month during the season are fantastic to hang out with. Super nice people making for good company for a morning outdoors.

I had to head over to the horse world expo in the afternoon so was unable to stay for the walk up shoot but hoping to get out with them next month. In the meantime, Beckham’s more formal training is coming along nicely. He’s learning to sit and come to a proper whistle and sit patiently next to me while “socializing” with the hunters. He’s respecting the horses more (since he and Sprocket had a bit of miscommunication) and in general, just being an awesome dog… and he’s only five months old! Getting taller too.

Here are just a few photos from the shoot with the rest posted here: https://korizzophotography.shutterfly.com/pictures/2135


img_4583 img_4570 img_4543 img_4477 img_4457 img_4432 img_4424img_4354 img_4412 img_4399 img_4355

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Been a while…

img_20161025_121355403Wow. It has been a while.

I got a puppy and he has sort of consumed my life! I know I don’t have kids but every time I describe something like having a sleepless night, having to rearrange my schedule to fit the puppy’s sleeping habits, etc… my friends with kids just laugh at me. I get it. And it has taken a bit of adjusting, but totally worth it.

So, meet Beckham (that’s him at 8 weeks old, he is now almost 18 weeks old). American chocolate lab. Bred by my friend Carter Amigh. Field bred so very sporty looking and seriously smart. Going to be big! Bird dog in the making. LOVE him 🙂

Have been posting photos and video on Instagram so follow me there for more cuteness (korizzopics).

In other news… Sprocket got the all clear to start light jumping. Yeah! Just in time for snow and frozen ground. Blah.

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‘Tis the season! First pheasant hunt of the fall was over the weekend. Great morning at a Royal United driven shoot. Wasn’t able to stick around for the whole shoot as I had to teach in the afternoon and we were throwing a dinner party for my parents’ 40th anniversary. Was really nice to catch up with some of the shooters and dog handlers from past seasons.

All photos posted here: https://korizzophotography.shutterfly.com/pictures/2100

img_4121 img_4162  img_4211 img_4185img_4188 img_4219  img_4228img_4224

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