Howard County Cup Races

Ryan Lasek took this photo of Jack and I over the third fence. This is now my favorite jumping photo of Jack 🙂

Jack’s second race was on May 7 at the Howard County Cup (just around the corner at Pleasant Prospect Farm). We ran in the Founders Cup and finished second!

The race was awesome and Jack totally stepped it up. I held him back a bit so we could just ease around the course and he totally ate it up! I was so worried leading up to the race that the hilly terrain would be too much for him with the  fence heights and the fast pace, but I was wrong. He naturally balanced himself for every jump allowing me to just sit tight and hang on. I’m so proud of him!

And yep, we’ll be heading to the NAPPA championships next weekend. This weekend, going to Potomac Hunt Races just to watch and host The Equiery‘s tailgate.

Here are two more photos from Ryan Lasek. Click here to check out his website.

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