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Course Complete, plus… a comedy of errors getting home.

Where does the phrase “a comedy of errors” come from anyway? And are errors really comical? Obviously we don’t think so while they are happening but are we supposed to laugh at them later on in life? I’m not laughing… … Continue reading

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Made it to Rocking Horse!

Arrived about 20min ago to Rocking Horse in Altoona, Florida. Been a bit of an adventure getting here between getting up at 4:45am, feeding horses at 5am, driving through fog to the airport, etc. My hotel was supposed to be … Continue reading

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Snow Video Not Uploading!

Trying to see if I can start posting short video clips to this blog but running into issues. I click on “video upload” and get a blank screen. Ug. Will try again later I guess. Here is a photo during … Continue reading

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This is fabulous….

OK, sometime we just need to start the day with something fun to watch and make us smile. Sophia Grace and Rosie go to the Grammys    

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Finally! The race season conditions book has arrived!

The Maryland Steeplechase Race Conditions book for the 2012 spring season has finally arrived! Now to plan out Jack’s racing season…. Still have snow photos to put up soon.

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Yep. Just entered the world of twitter. Well, had been tweeting for EQ for over a year now, but that is all business stuff. Now for a bit of fun… @korizzo  

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Foxhunting is almost over!

Just as Rafferty has turned into a foxhunting pro and Jack has settled enough to be controllable again, the season is almost over! Took a mental holiday last Wednesday to hunt Rafferty and then Nancy came out on Sunday with … Continue reading

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Celebrating Poli…

When someone has to put their horse down, it is never easy. We all tell ourselves we are doing it in the horse’s best interest. We don’t want them to suffer. But still, giving the vet permission for this final … Continue reading

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Maroon 5 at Preakness

So…. last night Adam Levine of Maroon 5 was going to be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Two of my favorite celebs at one time! Jimmy is just fabulous and Adam, well I think “hot as hell” sums that … Continue reading

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