Oh the ironey

So on Thursday night I was teaching my more advanced pony club group over at Waredaca and for what ever reason, the kids were just not getting it. We started with a simple grid, then moved onto a simple vertical being jumped at the canter off a circle and each rider was just making things more complicated then it needed to be. So, I got on one of the horses (yes, with a helmet on), and did a little demo.

I rode and talked at the same time. Explaining how to keep one’s lower leg still but firm, what type of angle one should have in their knee for show jumping, where your hip should be in relation to the saddle, how your shoulders should be turning the direction you want to go without leaning through the turns. This was all done on the flat in a circle around the group. Then I stopped and gave my equitation speech.

The one where I talk about how truly good equitation is basically being a super quiet rider but one that is totally in tune with the horse. How a rider with good equitation (and I don’t mean the type of equitation currently being pinned at the rated shows), can really jump anything at any height from any turn successfully.

Then I threw in a bit of what Joe Davies taught me. That a horse’s job is to jump the fence. And if we as riders are constantly making adjustments all the way to the jump, then the horse is not focused on his job of jumping the fence. So they as riders needed to learn to be quiet yet effective. To make any adjustments way early and then just maintain a rhythm and not interfere with the horse’s focus. So off I went again, to now show them all of this over a jump.

Everything was going well and the horse I was riding was being a good example. I even showed them a few lead changes over the jump, talking the whole time and trying to ride quiet yet effective. Then, I turned left over the jump, looked over my left shoulder at the kids and was about to say “and see how the horse knows to turn left when I bring my left shoulder back” when the f-ing horse turned right. I was thrown hard and fast into the arena fence somehow managing to land on my back wedged between the top and middle boards.

It really didn’t hurt at the time but the kids looked horrified. I just got myself out from the boards, the horse was standing a bit confused right in front of me. So I just jumped back on and said to the kids “well, that was exciting” and then went and jumped the jump a few more times. In my head I was thinking “and that was sooooo embarrassing!” And in my  head, I was laughing my ass off at myself.

Was still laughing at the whole situation as I taught the next lesson, still laughing when I was at a pony club parent meeting that night. NOT laughing when I woke up in the middle of the night with a shooting pain through my elbow and not able to move my arm. I don’t exactly know what happened but my elbow was very swollen and there was fluid in places there shouldn’t be. Still sort of asleep, I just got up, grabbed my ice wrap/pack from the freezer, fell back asleep with it wrapped around my elbow and when I woke up in the morning, it felt a tad better.

Friday morning I was down in Fort Washington taking photos for The Equiery’s July cover. Was fun and the guys who were hosting me were very nice. But, I could barely hold the camera up. That afternoon, I was scheduled to ride Cal cross-country schooling at Brooke Grove while teaching Alexa. I could barely get him tacked up, had Lisa tighten his girth, and somehow managed to get on. Oddly enough, my arm felt amazing when I was done schooling. And most of the fluid was gone.

Cal was amazing and totally game, jumping a bunch of BN and N stuff. Alexa and Wizard had some issues here and there but worked through them well and finished on a high note. And I had full range of motion of my arm again.

This morning I took Jack hunter pacing (back at Brooke Grove). I did wimp out a bit and put his bigger bit in just in case he got to pulling on me. He was a perfect gentleman for our flat class and was sort of good for our low jumping. I decided it was best to not go highs today since even though my elbow felt great, bruises on my back, legs, hip, knee, were just continuing to appear.

Back home, iced pretty much my whole body while I watched some of Rolex live on tv. Good coverage but I wish they could have showed the whole day… just switched over to soccer. Looks like it was a bit rough in Kentucky today. The Maryland Hunt Cup is about to start… will read results later. Off to take a much needed nap before barn chores.

AHC has their Invitationals tomorrow. Should be fun and the girls are all super prepared. Early morning though.

Oh, and just got a text that our low team won today! Yeah baby 🙂


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