Olympic Week 1

So…. the Olympics = sleep deprivation. I just can’t turn it off. Why oh why. Love US swimmer Anthony Ervin’s tats. Wondering why they aren’t showing much soccer or basketball on tv. Live streaming isn’t always a good thing. Way to go GB dressage team! Totally rock’n it. (OK, can’t even type “rock’n” without thinking of one hhhhhot singer.) US team, not too shabby. Can not believe the Canadian team can’t medal again with one of their riders eliminated in the first round. Good for Stephen Corbet to actually get on a horse for a dressage lesson. Cried along with the girls gymnastics team when they won. Watched a live woman’s race that lasted 30min and was shocked by the sprint the winner did at the end. Not sure how anyone can have that much energy left after such a long race.  Still don’t understand fencing. Cheered for Federer even though he was beating a US tennis player. Phelps had a rocky start but is on a roll now. One person diving is not nearly as exciting as two. Watching the olympics with my playlist blasting in the background and the sound/commentary turned off is way better.

In other news. The new horse continues to impress me. Even when he was a bit naughty this week. He had an overgrown pony moment the other day when he just stopped at the gate and declared he was done with flat work. Two small taps with my whip was all it took to convince him that was not allowed and then I got a seriously brilliant trot out of him that told me he clearly wasn’t even trying before the whip taps. Haven’t had to touch him with the whip since.

Jack was supposed to start back into his fitness work, not that he is unfit by any standard, but the heat and my lack of sleep has made motivating myself to do trot sets basically impossible. Alexa came over the other day to do a dressage lesson on him. She really had him going well and when she asked him for a trot lengthen and he just floated out in front of her with his knees snapping and toes gliding across the ring, she actually giggled. It was really cute and totally made my day. She really does a great job with him and is learning a ton.

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