The joys of pony club

So last night we had our first real dressage rally prep for the D kids. All of them have been practicing dressage skills in their regular lessons but last night was a chance to get into the actual dressage rings and practice their tests. Well I have to admit, I haven’t worked with the really little kids in a while and had to keep reminding myself to breathe every time one of them would come up to be and say things like “I can’t get him to lift his foot” or “I can’t lift this heavy saddle.” I really should have a big poster made saying “I can’t is not allowed.” I told one kid to get a bucket to stand on when she complained that she couldn’t reach high enough to brush the horse’s back and she almost started crying. Breathe.

Once they actually got on, they all rode very well. But then of course, a horrible storm rolled in and we had to take cover in the indoor instead of riding in the show rings. So now I’m trying to explain how to ride the tests without letters and they all have blank looks on their faces. Breathe.

We worked on center lines, because it really doesn’t matter how big of an arena you are in, there is always a center line. After 20min of walking and trotting down the center line, they all started looking really good. So I had them stop and we talked about the proper way to salute the judge. I ask them if any of them knew how to salute. One very eager kid raised her hand and was practically jumping up and down on her horse so I asked her to demonstrate.

She halted her horse, dropped both reins, nodded at me and then started waving. No joke. Waving. With the biggest smile on her face. I nearly fell on the ground laughing. Instead I just smiled and told her she was almost right, and then nearly fell over again when I glanced over at the other instructor who was sharing the indoor with me and saw she was doubled over laughing.

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