Stephen Bradley clinic

Rode Sprocket and Top Gear with Stephen yesterday. The grid work was a bit intense with lots of bounces. Both horses made it look easy. Totally different rides but both very awesome.

Sprocket is very unimpressed with everything these days. And the more you challenge him and then tell him he’s such a good boy as he springs his way through the grids, the more cocky he gets. At one point he got a bit lazy and behind my leg, so he got a small tap with the crop. He hopped forward and then got really strong so Stephen had me circle and half halt before jumping and then he just elevated himself into this amazing canter that was seriously effortless for him. Like he was just saving that canter for a special moment. Stephen just looked at him quietly and then said “you know, it is really amazing how far he has come in such a short time. He’s really growing up quickly.” After that, Sprocket gave me his special canter every time I asked. Kelley even commented quietly to me later that he is the nicest horse she’s seen me sit on. Really good to hear these things. Gives me confidence and hope for a bright future for us both!

Top Gear on the other hand is also naturally talented but so eager to please that he is often tense. So most of the start of the lesson was spent just calming him down and reassuring him that he was doing good. It didn’t take long before he was also making the grid work look easy. He became more and more easy to adjust. More and more focused on the task ahead of him and just overall felt like he learned so much in just an hour. Stephen also said he has a bright future. Just still trying to find someone to buy him. Here is a link to some video of him jumping through the various grids.

When I finally got home that night, and after several hours of Equiery work, followed by 2hrs of The Voice, I had this brilliant idea to cut my hair. I actually have been cutting my own hair since grad school. Really isn’t that hard. Well, I wanted something different with a bunch of long layers that frame my face and may have gone a bit shorter than intended. Love the way it looks but dreading putting my hunting helmet on as it only fits well when my hair is pulled up in a french twist under the helmet.

Oh well. Jack gets his hair cut this weekend. A full body buzz for him with hunting now upon us.

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