2012 in Review

Well, I just uploaded the December Equiery to the printer so in some odd way, even though it is only mid-November, I’m ready for 2013. We all like to at the end of the year look back at the past season and talk about the ups and downs but this year, I just want to talk about the ups šŸ™‚

First a bit on some of my students…
Hannah and Taylor continued to get better and better with their flat work. A huge accomplishment for the little guy who could barely canter a 20min circle just a few years ago. The pair are just so incredibly awesome at show jumping and even did a jumper show or two at 3’9”. It was easy. Over the summer they were schooling Preliminary jumps but in the ring and on the cross-country course and finished out the year as solid Training level competitors.

Carly proved that patience really does pay off and competed her horse Cal up through Novice again. It was shakey at times but they are making it through and both have returned to college this fall happy with plans to start competing again down in North Carolina early in the spring.

Alexa had a rough start and then switched horses this fall. Her and Knick (Mary’s old Intermediate horse) just rocked it this fall. Jumping clean at Novice and two Trainings. Alexa describes him as a bigger Daisey and it is so true! She’s happy and he’s happy and we are all just so thrilled with the match. And in the hunter ring… well she won her jump class this past weekend after pinning in both hack classes.

Dustin’s horse Wrangler is sound again and back in work.

Logan and Mickey were champions at the American Eventing Championships once again! This time at Novice. And what a way to end their competition season! Clean show jumping after a year of random rails. Logan came back from the trip even talking about moving up to Training next year šŸ™‚

Susan bought a horse! I mean wow! Yeah for her. She’s currently down with Stephen in safe hands.

Caitlin and Summer finally made it to a horse trials and finished in third on their dressage score.

Liz is turning into a cross-country machine and spent her vacation galloping through the Andes down in Ecuador.

Caroline went from being nervous riding in the open to competing at several Beginner Novice horse trials this fall. She also passed her C1 rating and is going to start hunting with me this winter.

The Waredaca Pony Clubbers had such a fantastic year. Several passed their C1, D2 and D1 ratings this spring. Then our various teams placed at all SEVEN rallies that we participated in. The big wins were the D Show Jumping team and the D Quiz team. The Quiz girls even went to Nationals. Abi also became our first rider to qualify for Nationals in a riding discipline. She and Bonanza made the Maryland Region Eventing team but couldn’t go due to a previous commitment. She’s already clearing her schedule for 2013.

The AHC girls are off to a good start with only three more shows to go before the spring Invitational.

Natalie passed her C2 rating this fall and successfully moved up to Novice.

As for the horses…
Jack started eventing again, placing in the top five every time out. He’s now all clipped and ready for hunting… when I finally have a Sunday off to actually go hunting.

Sprocket is so freaking awesome. Growing up so fast. He placed first at his first event and second at his second. Today he did a beautiful walk to canter transition while we were working on dressage. Just made me smile.

Top Gear is also a super quick learner and a pleasure to ride. He is currently off at trial with a pony clubber and a vetting scheduled for this Friday. Cross your fingers that Christmas comes early for Abby and TG!

And me…
Always in motion, always learning, always growing, always grateful for the incredible people and horses in my life.

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1 Response to 2012 in Review

  1. Susan Oliveri says:

    I love hearing all about your happenings in the horse world and for you personally!!! Hoping all of your clients and students recognize how blessed they are to have you in in their lives! As you reflected upon 2012 I was Thrilled to see I made the cut! Thank you for being such a positive supportive beautiful part of my and Reagan’s new journey together!!!! Happy wishes for a fabulous adventurous and full of excitement 2013

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