Sprocket’s Dressage Lesson with Stephen

Sprocket keep all his shoes on this time so he got to go to my dressage lesson with Stephen last night. The lesson was a combination of working on my position and working on getting him to the next level. The bottom line, I’ve been babying him too much. Ha! Big surprise. By the end of the lesson he was super adjustable and was able to hold more of the self carriage I’ve been looking for. He still has a long way to go but he is solid with the Novice movements and his Training movements (we focused on trot lengthens and stretch trots mainly) are way better than before the lesson. Here are a couple photos my sister took during the lesson. The photos are uploaded chronologically so you can see the progression (warm up, break, canter, lengthen, stretch, etc).

IMG_7086 IMG_7107 IMG_7111 IMG_7123 IMG_7144 IMG_7147

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2 Responses to Sprocket’s Dressage Lesson with Stephen

  1. Margaret says:

    No photos of Lucas?? 😉

  2. Susan Oliveri says:

    First I’d like to say that I think it is pretty fabulous that you have this lesson time with Stephen! Something Reagan and I are working up to doing as well! Sprocket and you look fabulous! I think about what you have accomplished with sprocket and think each time I am with Reagan to also do! We are definitely getting closer! Reagan is on board with learning her job and I could not be more happy! I really would love for you to have the opportunity to ride her and put her through the moves that you do with sprocket! I know she would comply totally! So when can you come and do this with her? :). We can make a whole day of it at Stephens barn which you know is pretty fabulous! I would be happy to pay for a lesson with Reagan and you and Stephen! Let me know if you’re interested. You can bring both of your boys down also and have even more ride time!

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