Loch Moy Starter 2 + New Market Hunter Pace

April 12 I did double duty by first riding a friend’s horse at the New Market-Middletown Valley hunter pace and then heading over the Loch Moy to watch the cross-country courses I designed. The hunter pace was super fun and Loch Moy seemed to go really well. Great chat with the TD who was happy with the courses. FYI – obviously I’m not in any of the hunter pace photos. Not sure there was another photographer out on course. I just snapped a couple photos of friends.

IMG_6385 IMG_6391 IMG_6439 IMG_6452 IMG_6481 IMG_6496

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1 Response to Loch Moy Starter 2 + New Market Hunter Pace

  1. Susan Oliveri says:

    Brings me smiles in your designing courses!

    embracing each day with a joy-filled heart… INSPIRE.HOPE.BELIEVE. Susan Oliveri (703) 638-3962


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