Great day at Morven Park

I just have to say, my students are so awesome. Such a great group of riders. So positive, fun, hard working… Morven Park was just one of those weekend when it all seemed to come together for three of them.


Courtney WON the CIC1* with My Son MJ. She is one of those talented kids who just needed the right partner to really shine and this horse sure is the right one! I first met Courtney through Redland Hunt PC so very long ago when she was showing a pony named City Kitty. She is one of those riders who seeks out instruction and has a whole team of trainers, including her awesome mom, that teach and support her and it really is paying off. Way to go!


Julia and Piper had their second clean competition in a row! Another hard working teen with a super supportive family. These two make show jumping at Novice look easy and jumped boldly around cross-country. They are heading to Loch Moy this weekend as a last run before the Waredaca Novice 3-Day at the end of October.


Remy and Beorn had two rails in show jumping but jumped around clean on xc. Totally a fun pair to work with with Remy really keeping Beorn advancing in his training while Beorn teaches Remy about the Novice level. Also has a super supportive family. Next up is the Waredaca HTs.

And I think that is what made the weekend so fantastic. It wasn’t just a few teens out there riding their horses, it was a whole family affair with friends and family chipping in as grooms, cheerleaders and photographers. The best part of the day was watching Julia and Remy walk their horses back from xc, like actually dismounting after crossing the finish line, running up their stirrups, loosen their girths and start cooling their horses down instead of riding them back to the trailers, the whole time chatting about the course, what went right, what they could improve on and patting their horses. So proud!

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