Pheasant season comes to a close

Well as sad as it is to say… that’s a wrap folks! This past weekend, on a very unusually warm February day, we had the last driven shoot at the Mt. Airy location for the season. It was super sunny but as long as I stood in the right spot, the sun helped make the colors pop. So here you go, just a few shots from Saturday. #nofilter #bestwaytospendaweekendisoutdoors

Once again, thank you everyone at Royal United for letting me hang out with you, take photos and learn more about the sport.

The rest of the photos from the day are posted here:

img_4908 img_4930 img_4943 img_4976 img_5045 img_5057 img_5076 img_5102-copy img_5114 img_5129 img_5171 img_5179 img_5190 img_5236

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3 Responses to Pheasant season comes to a close

  1. Ah you shoot pigeons? Whats that like? I’ve heard they are more difficult to shoot because they change directions really quickly! I’ve only shoot duck and pheasant before.

    • korizzoinc says:

      Pigeons are thrown into the mix because they are hard to shoot. Keeps the guns sharp! They do tend to circle overhead a bunch of time though so not sure how smart they really are. Typically these driven shoots have pigeons, pheasants and partridges.

      • We generally don’t shoot pigeons as it scatters the pheasants in our drives and makes beating them out difficult. I’d like to try it in the off season though!

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