Sales Horse Spotlight!

SharShar is an imported English Thoroughbred with Irish bloodlines. Here we call her Charlie and have shown her under the name “Call Sign Charlie.” She is registered with the Jockey Club as SharShar.

Charlie raced very successfully in England before being bought by an American syndicate as a three-year-old. Her US career was light but also fairly successful and she finished racing in November of her four-year-old year. I got her in January of her five-year-old year and she is now eight.

Charlie is a fantastic foxhunter and loves being out of the ring. She has extensive trail riding miles and also has done pretty much every hunter pace on the Maryland circuit for the past few seasons. My working student also did some starter events, derbies and jumper shows with her. Ideally, Charlie will go to a foxhunter/trail home as that is what she does best and likes to do the most.

I consider her very quiet for a TB and I have put kids on her for hacks around the farm. She has also been hunted by a junior rider. We took her to Gettysburg Battlefield with a friend riding her on the buckle the whole time. She cares less about traffic, people on bicycles, strollers, etc and was the babysitter of the group!

She does have a big jumping style so even though I feel safe putting a beginner on her for a walk hack, I would not put beginning to jump riders on her. She is bold to her fences both in the ring and out in the hunt field. She will lead or follow at hunter paces.

If you are looking for your next foxhunter or trails partner, come meet Charlie!

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