First Event of the Season

Well the eventing season here in Maryland officially started this past weekend! Loch Moy Farm held its first starter event of the season (the first USEA event in Maryland for the year is Fair Hill in April). We had the courses set and flagged early in the week but just to make things stressful, it snowed all afternoon on Saturday. Thankfully, it was all melted before the first rider even started dressage and as the day progressed, the footing got better and better. So far the feedback I’ve gotten on the courses has been positive and I saw lots of smiling faces as riders completed the day, so that’s a good sign!

I’ve got to say, the view of the snow covered Sugarloaf Mountain over the green cross-country course was pretty spectacular. Really did not look like something you’d see in Maryland.

I already have the tracks for the April and May starters lined up, just need to plug in the jumps and set the fences. Slightly longer courses for April and then a bit longer for May. The idea is to progressively get the courses closer to what you’d see at a USEA event to help riders/horses get ready for the July Loch Moy USEA events.

Julia and Piper had a great start to the season with a second place finish at Beginner Novice! Best dressage score to date for the pair and clean in both show jumping and cross-country. They will be moving up to Novice at the next starter and then onto USEA Novice events.

Also getting started this weekend was the Maryland Steeplechase season! The HCIBH team won optimum time at Foxhall on Sunday so that is super exciting. Can’t wait for the hunter paces to get started.

Here are a few photos from Loch Moy with the rest posted on my Shutterfly site and a bunch on The Equiery’s Facebook page too.

IMG_3605 IMG_3608

IMG_3576 IMG_3764 IMG_3788 IMG_3805 IMG_3833 IMG_3878  IMG_3948 IMG_3951IMG_3749 IMG_3963

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