Finally have power again

I know that there are still people without power from Sandy. And people without homes. And some people lost their lives. So I feel super guilty for complaining at all about my four days without power. I mean, it really was only four days. In that time, I learned a ton about myself believe it or not.

First of all, I really don’t mind being cold. Add a ton of blankets, sleep in a hooded sweatshirt and its like being out camping, which I used to love doing. My apartment gets great natural light for most of the day and tons of candles strategically placed around give off enough light for the evenings. A battery operated lantern works great in the shower. And ice cold showers aren’t that bad… for about 10min tops. Barn chores take longer with no power. Everything takes longer with no power. I’m fairly creative with making meals that don’t need to be heated up. Reading from a flashlight hurts my eyes. Cleaning tack by candle light is not as hard as it sounds. And finally… I HATE silence. Seriously. Can’t sleep with it that quiet. My i-pod and I became very close over these last four days.

Now onto Waredaca this weekend. Two horses to ride and six kids to coach.

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