Shameless Plug… photo contest

I don’t normally do these sort of things but my boss entered a photo I took in a Gun Dog photo contest and I guess in addition to the magazine’s staff picking the best photos, people can vote for fan favorites through the site and Facebook.

So, go to this site, click on “view entries” and type in “Crystal” in the search field:

It should bring up a couple photos submitted by people named Crystal. The photo I took is of “Madison’s Power of Pride, WDX, SH American Cocker Spaniel” and looks like this (a screen shot of the page… I posted this photo back in January or February on this site too):

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.09.38 AM

The photo was taken at the Howard County-Iron Bridge kennels during a shoot put on by Royal United Company.

Thanks in advanced 🙂 And take a look at the other photos submitted. Some of them are really fantastic!

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